Walking landscapes


“When the sea takes you back in, the rocks will remain” is a series of photographs of landscapes. This is an ongoing project begun in 2011. These images were taken while tracking across country from one sea to another in Spain and years later between seas in the UK. The pictures refuse the constraints of photography – light, colour and form. Instead they are abstract, flat, almost colourless and lightless.

Pictures were rarely taken and instead waiting for a felt connection with what was there felt most alive and necessary. Finally sometimes, there came an asking of permission for taking an image. I started to notice a communication between the inside of me – or the everything of me – and the everything of what’s out there.

The project is about receptivity and love and inter-feeding. Giving to the path and it giving to you. I hope the images might open our insides to expanding and reverberating.

They are about a long time spent mostly in silence mostly noticing and sensing inside, where we can shift from seeing nature as something to be exploited and taken and re-see it as something alive, conscious, and able to give to us.

The following text from diaries written during these walks can accompany the images if wanted “And I felt like this was death: this peace, this vastness. And I felt like the water was asking me: ‘Do you want to stay here with me or go there with them?’ And even though it felt like pain and struggle, I wanted to go there. And as I left the water it washed up after me chasing me out of it, wave after wave, like a mother would. And I walked in line with the other people and saw their sadness so profoundly and also their struggle on. And I was strong there amongst them.” Here is a selection of three of the images.

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