The Awakening Conscience AKA From Professional to Poverty AKA From Striver to Skiver

This PDF is a zine/pamphlet from 2013. It is an urgent attack on Striver mentality that is keeping us from really living and really sticking up for our rights! This is to do with our collective struggle with the meaning in life and work – oh and the government’s thoughts on these things come into this zine because – well – when you’re living in poverty you come under attack from the powers that be. C’est la vie. This has been stocked by Infoshop at 56a, Newsfromnowhere in Liverpool and Housmans Radical Bookshop in Kings Cross.

At Sea With Sexists

This is a taster of a zine I put out in 2009 which has been archived by the British Library, The Women’s Library at LSE, London College of Communications and Grassroots Feminisms. It was stocked by Freedom Bookshop, Housmans, Newsfromnowhere and 56a.


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