I’m interested in making work about the the world around and inside – both visible and invisible. A recurring question is “within this system how can we manage to be most fully human”.  To me, art is a manifestation of life: a direct visual proof of the life moving inside us. The belief that art is mimesis or representation – that art came beneath ideas until ideas infiltrated it – has killed what is alive in art. The spirit of art dies when we think of it as only a representation or idea. Art is the proof of life lived here. Proof of internal life. Internal lives moving the hand that makes the drawing or painting or sculpture.  A drawing follows the line that’s inside me. Art gets reintegrated into our lives and used as an environment that in part at least helps us to get back in touch with our internal, living, soulful selves. We produce what we produce when the bigger world – life, our environment and all that out there – moves through us. How do we deepen that connection, tap into what’s bigger? Can we risk allowing art to use us instead of us using art? Can we get to a new state of being? One that isn’t exploitative but tunes into the larger world around us and allows its expression through us?

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