My landscape photographs began on a pilgrimage across Spain. I allowed myself only 7 images during that month long walk. It was a way of slowing down and refusing the trigger-happiness of capitalist production and the exploitation of the land.  A lot of my photography work now is landscapes. From these images from other “pilgrimages” – long walks of mostly solitude and introspection – have come paintings like the one above. Some of the images themselves when framed look like paintings and people would often ask if I’d painted it. The paintings though avoid realism. They are internally felt with only reference to the original landscape. To further this inner felt work I use light on a laptop to distort the image in places and then use a tiny picture on my phone as the reference point to paint from. As a photographer I am not an outside objective observer. In every area that I photographed whether around activism or around nature I get involved more than I take photographs. I feel a real objection to the idea of being more in love with the image than the experience. The image is always a way into another experience, a way into a spiritual experience and a deeper connection with nature or whatever is around me (it’s all nature right?)

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