These drawings are not about a representation of something external so much as about representing the way life (it’s internal and external manifestations) grows. It is the putting down on paper of the life that’s moving through me, through all of us and in all of nature – which includes us.

The works are saying “art is a manifestation of life” “art is a manifestation of the life that’s in us” “art is a manifestation of life moving through us”, “art is a manifestation of us moving to life”. Life requires us to be here and it uses our hands and bodies and in fact it is our hands and our bodies. Reaching beyond what is rational or formed. A place that is known deep within and not yet quite cultivated – we leave behind any specific previous idea of what this drawing will look like. Can we risk that?

When we buy into the idea of art as representation, we kill something in ourselves. We kill the spirit that lives within us. Instead of nurturing it we doubt it and get it under control and our art becomes lifeless because that’s what we believe it is – dead.  The life that’s inside us isn’t of interest mostly so it’s becoming increasingly crucial that we let it be known, let it grow, freely, taking shape, allowed finally!