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British Library (zine called At Sea With Sexists)

British Library web archive – (Alex Brew website): http://www.webarchive.org.uk/wayback/archive/20100602065622/http://www.alexbrew.co.uk

Central Saint Martins – Zine Catalogue

Women’s Library: http://digital.library.lse.ac.uk/collections/thewomenslibrary

MAKE at Goldsmiths (images of men, Asking For It)

Bilwechsel film archive



2018 – October at Torriano Meeting House – Voices and textures from the mountain – collaboration with singer Pilar Lopez 

2018 – HsoA St Giles, Covent Garden (painting selected and shown by Hampstead School of Art)

2017 – Candid Arts – Outsider

2016 – Hampstead Art Fair

Aug 2015 Wotever World Film

Exploding Cinema – various showings 2013-15

Aug 2014 Wotever World Film

August 2014 PAF

Jul 2014 CUNTemporary – Deep Trash Italia

June 2014 Arts Admin

Oct 2014 Mama Loveys, Shoreditch

2013 – Feminist Changes: Changing Feminism

July-Sept 2012 Desire at Bergen Art Museums (now KODE), Norway

April 2012 ONSCENITY, Londoncropped-logo2


March 2012 talks and film showings at Resistance Gallery as part of Mutiny


March 2012 film show at No.w.here gallery, east London


March 2012 Dangerous Ideas Festival, Rich Mix, London

December 2011 Critsex

Sept 11 film showing at Middlesex University

March 11 photo show at Resistance gallery as part of Mutiny, Bethnal Green

Basic RGB

Sept 10 curated exhibition at Kings College London

Jul 10 curated exhibition at Arts, Camberwell

November 10 photo show at Housmans Radical Bookshop, Kings Cross

Aug 09 curated feminist art film showing at RampARTs and Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

Jul 09 BOGOF, Mark-It & Sons, Two Degrees Festival


Oct 08 photo show at Aberdeen University (later published in academic journal)

Sept 08 photo showing at Homeless Gallery, Shoreditch Town Hall, London

July 08 photo show at Lambeth Young Women’s Project, London

May 08 photo show at Ladyfest London 08, Islington Arts Factory, London


Feminist Revolution by DM Withers (images used) 2018 – used various pictures from my series Feminist Outings

DIY CULTURES at RICH MIX and Central Saint Martins Zine library




The artist duo The Girls is publishing a zine in collaboration with the Photographers Gallery. Issue 2 includes my article on the Chippendales with quotes/pics from female gaze photographer Grace Lau and boylesque performer British Heart.

ITCH is a periodical run by Mehita Iqani, an academic at the Centre for Cultural, Media and Creative Industries Research at Kings College London. There’s a page including pictures on my asking for it project. View the work on the ITCH site by clicking here

The zine has been catalogued by the British Library, London College of Communications and the Feminist Library. It’s stocked at bookshops including 56a, Housmans, Freedom Press, Bookmarks and News From Nowhere. For more information click here

John Harrington says it is: “a bit of a mess, it loses its way, contradicting and criticising itself as it goes, some of it is frankly, quite bad, and some of it is frankly very good indeed. Some of it is just uncomfortably frank. All of these things are of course what makes In/Out such a worthwhile read.” Buy the zine (which includes my – quite bad – article on dominator culture) at ICA by clicking here

Article in the Broadway (part of the Ham and High series) about my talk at the Original Gallery. Title “Artists exhibit work to ‘eliminate’ violence against women”

Sometimes giving the time of day to a sexist isn’t the best way of dealing with them. But sometimes… sometimes… you’re at sea with them and there’s no getting off the boat, you just need some quick answers to the biggest sexist jibes, to right it and stand up straight again. This ‘zine if mine will give a bit of that. You can buy the ‘zine from Housmans, Freedom Press, Cherry Bomb Comics, Handmedown Distro, 56a Infoshop or by contacting me.

Talk about my Asking For It project as part of Claudia Clare’s exhibition at the Original Gallery, Shattered. The exhibition is supported by Rape Crisis. More here

A survey of the “desirable” male body through the world of art and the fairytale of popular culture by artist Cecile Emmanuelle Borra included one of my images. More info on the FAD website click here

Journal article goes in-depth on my Asking For It project. ‘The Art of Crafting the Future-Present-Past,’ with Marysia Zalewski, Alex Brew, Merlyn Riggs, Charlie Hackett. View the full article by clicking clicking here

My article reflecting on how feminist artists have often used the tactic of exaggerating the objectification of women to the point of parody. I ask: how subversive is this strategy in practice? View the article on the F-word site by clicking here

With FemAdLib Kolektiv (a group I helped form) I recently performed a city intervention where Mark-It & Sons, a respectable family business selling women for centuries, would have a Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) sale.

To accompany this article in Trespass Magazine I subverted some seaside postcards. These can be viewed in the galleries section. As I stare at the postcards I start seeing a perfectly boiled down view of current mainstream sexuality – simmered until its ribs are laid bare. In these postcards, the women look full of desire: their breasts are firm with it, their mouths open, their cheeks red with the blood rushing to their faces and organs – or so we would think. And yet their desire is totally lacking. View Trespass site by clicking here or click on title above to view full article.

Solomon’s Mindfield blog has written about Asking For It.
Take a look at the blog by clicking here Thanks Solomon!

I was invited to read some of my poems at the Cross Kings, London, for the launch of the Trespass Magazine Noir issue. The night was listed on the Remote Goat site. View it by
clicking here

My article about dominator culture published in In/Out ‘zine – produced by Robert Gorden Uni

C word talks about my participation in Aberdeen conference
clicking here or view the text by clicking on the title above.

‘Feminist Out Yourself ‘ is my response to some women who do not want to use the F Word.

New Noise Arts writes about “Asking For It”! I’m really excited about this because of what they stand for as a group. They say their community: “encourages artistic practices that cut across, question and challenge notions of race, class, gender, sexuality, age and nationality and is dedicated to practice and uphold art as a mirror against which we examine society, and an invaluable tool to move beyond boundaries and definitions in search of awareness, growth and the human spirit.” View the website here: clicking here

New Statesman links to my picture of the Feminist Fightback and tube cleaners direct action (unfortunately they do this instead of asking to use the picture for which I could actually make some money back from morning spent wrestling my camera out of the TfL security guards hands and the afternoon and evening spent developing and printing – still better than a kick in the teeth)

You can view the magazine and title of the article by
clicking here

FAF has a Stop Rape group that’s working on action and thinking against sexual assault. They’ve used text and images from my exhibition at Ladyfest London 2008 clicking here

Ladyfest London started today as it meant to go on, with glorious sunshine pouring down on feminist fun in the capital. Sarah Barnes went along to see in the start of this weekend long arts festival. View the article on Uplift by
clicking here

Alex Brew, a photographer currently exhibiting her ‘Asking For It’ project at Ladyfest London, tells us the significance of displaying her art on the anniversary of the 1968 riots.
View the article on Uplift by
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Photographic exhibition by Alex Brew at Islington Arts Factory, London, 9th to 11th May.

As part of Ladyfest London, photographer Alex Brew shows one woman’s struggle with vulnerability in an exhibition called ‘Asking for it’. View DIVA’s hot picks by
clicking here

A controversial art show which uses photographs of naked men to draw attention to women’s vulnerability launches tonight (Friday 9 May 08) at Ladyfest London. View the article on Lesbilicious.com by
clicking here

One of my poems was included in the Ladyzine (pictured)in April 2008.

“Why do so many female artists put themselves in their work – often with no clothes on?” asked an article in The Guardian by Germaine Greer at the beginning of the year. I have been photographing men for the last six months and I think I have the answer. View the article on the F-word site by clicking here